About Us

Our names are Maxwell Risi, Matthew Risi & Joseph Risi all brothers, owners, founders of Mr. Windows. We grew up in Orange County. Our whole childhood consisted heavily of construction, labor and cleanup working for our dad as he built homes and apartments which taught us the value of hard work and consistency. Although Mr. Windows is fairly young, being established in early 2019, it stands behind seasoned owners as we have been window cleaning for 6 years.

Being a small family-owned company, we value our presence here in the Phoenix metro area & Orange County and seek to make a difference in not just delivering quality services restoring your property and its windows. We have a big heart to serve the city of Phoenix & Orange County in another capacity by making it a better place for our future families and all the great people that call this place home. We believe one individual with a dream is a majority and can move mountains for the betterment of humankind.

I hope to earn your trust and business here for years to come!